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Hidden Treasures – How did this come about?

I was reading Reuben’s book on Bible Stories and it had in it the ‘Parable of the Pearl’ from Matthew 13:45-46. For a 3 year old to understand, this parable read as follows –
Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl. Once a man found a pearl worth lots of money. It was the most beautiful pearl in all the world. To get it, he would have to sell everything he had. But it was worth it! Heaven is like that. There is no treasure on earth that compares to heaven. It is better than anything in this world. It is worth everything you have to get it. Earthly things don’t last long, heaven is forever!

The only way to eternal life is to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus died for you and me, so that we wont have to be punished for our sins and mistakes. He took our punishment upon himself and was crucified. But He overcame death (and no one else has ever) and came back to life, defeating death once and for all. In Jesus  is life, and that is life not only abundantly, but eternal as well. When we believe in Jesus, we are assured of eternal life. It is well worth it and there is no treasure on earth that comes even close to this.

The Bible, which is the infallible word of God, has in it, myriads of treasures, hidden in its content, that is revealed to those who seek, not by intellect or human efforts, but solely by God, the Holy Spirit. In the word of God (Bible), are treasures which is the reflection of Jesus, the Son of God, revealed to man and woman by the Holy Spirit of God, so that it may change and edify our lives to be a living sacrifice, so that people may see us and glorify God the Father, who is in heaven. As God reveals to us, from his word, the hidden treasure in it, we want to share that with you and that is how this blog came about. We think, it is only apt to conclude by saying that
God’s word is so deep that a scholar will drown in it, but it is shallow enough so that a child wont!” and
To get the pearl (the hidden treasure), one MUST dive deep!

Colossians 2:3 (AKJV)
In whom [Jesus Christ] are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.