Except the God …

When Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law, accused Jacob of having stolen his gods (idols) and did not find them, for Rachel, Jacob’s wife, who had, unbeknownst to Jacob, stolen her father’s idols and hid them, Jacob was angry. He questioned Laban as to why Laban had pursued him?

Jacob had served Laban for twenty years, fourteen years for Laban’s two daughters (Leah and Rachel) and six years for the cattle (Genesis 31:38, 41). He had tended to the flock of Laban, in the drought of the day and the frost of the night, sometimes sleeplessly (Genesis 31:40). When a wild animal had stolen away one of Laban’s cattle, Jacob assumed responsibility and bore the loss of it (Genesis 31:39). In other words, whatever Jacob had left with, from Laban’s house, was rightfully earned because of his diligent service to Laban, by the labor of his hands (Genesis 31:42). Yet Laban felt that he owned it all (Genesis 31:43).

After Jacob had expressed his work (labor) and his wages (lot), he made a powerful statement, one that could easily be missed. Jacob said, “Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou (Laban) hadst sent me away now empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the labour of my hands, and rebuked thee yesternight.” (Genesis 31:42).

What Jacob was saying was that if God had not been with him, he would have had nothing (even though what he had it was rightfully his). If God had not seen his affliction and intervened, he would have lost what he had earned.

Points to ponder:
God is always with those who believe in him, who trust him and who fear him reverently out of their love for him. The Most High God, the God of Abraham rules over all (Daniel 4:17) and watches over them that love him, both their going out and their coming forth, so no harm shall befall them. (Psalm 121:5-8). He sees our afflictions and intervenes for us, even if we dont know it.

Except the God of Abraham, the Most High God is with you and me, we will be empty and we will lose it all.

You can gain the whole world (rightfully so by the labour of your hands), but if you do not believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High ruling God, you will lose your soul and that would mean you lose it all (Mark 8:36).

Have you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior, Lord and King? In other words, can you say, “Except the God of Abraham is with me …”?

Genesis 31:36-42 (KJV)
36 And Jacob was wroth, and chode with Laban: and Jacob answered and said to Laban, What is my trespass? what is my sin, that thou hast so hotly pursued after me?
37 Whereas thou hast searched all my stuff, what hast thou found of all thy household stuff? set it here before my brethren and thy brethren, that they may judge betwixt us both.
38 This twenty years have I been with thee; thy ewes and thy she goats have not cast their young, and the rams of thy flock have I not eaten.
39 That which was torn of beasts I brought not unto thee; I bare the loss of it; of my hand didst thou require it, whether stolen by day, or stolen by night.
40 Thus I was; in the day the drought consumed me, and the frost by night; and my sleep departed from mine eyes.
41 Thus have I been twenty years in thy house; I served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy cattle: and thou hast changed my wages ten times.
42 Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away now empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the labour of my hands, and rebuked thee yesternight.

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