Impartial Just Love

Jacob marries Leah and Rachel, the daughters of Laban but the Bible records that his love for his wives was partial. He loved Rachel more than Leah, (Genesis 29:30) but what is interesting is that his lessened love for Leah was not regarded as lesser love but as hatred for Leah (Genesis 29:31). God intervenes and justly makes Leah fruitful.

Points to ponder:
Man’s love toward another person may be partial, but God’s love toward all is not only impartial but also just. Furthermore, loving one lesser than another is akin to hating the one loved less.

Let our love toward others be impartial and just. More importantly let us not love God less than anyone or anything else for doing so would be akin to hating him. The greatest commandments are to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind (Matthew 22:37) and might (Deuteronomy 6:5) and then to love others as ourselves (Matthew 22:39), with love like that of God – impartial just love. How is our love of others and our love for God?

Genesis 29:30-31 (KJV)
30 And he went in also unto Rachel, and he loved also Rachel more than Leah, and served with him yet seven other years.
31 And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.


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