The blessing of Jacob (and of Jesus)

Genesis 27:28-29 lists the blessing that Jacob receives from his father, Isaac. It was for God, the Almighty (Elohim) to give unto Isaac the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth with plenty of corn and wine. It was for people to serve him and for nations to bow down to him: for him to be lord over his brethren and for his mother’s sons to bow down to him: and anyone who cursed him would be cursed and any one who blessed him would be blessed.
In other words, this was a blessing of:
prosperitythe dew of heaven (waters/rain) and fatness of the earth with plenty of corn and wine (harvest); one that meant no drought and/or famine.
power: with people serving and nations bowing down and for him to be lord over his people.
passage: of blessings and curses reciprocally.

Points to ponder:
Jacob, the son of promise, deceptively got the blessing of prosperity, power and passage from his father, Isaac.
Jesus, the Promised Son of God (Genesis 3:15) duly got, from God, the Father, the blessing of:
prosperity (for the harvest is plenty – Matthew 9:37),
power (for all authority is given to Jesus and he is Lord over all; the King of kings and Lord of lords – Matthew 28:18; Revelation 19:16) and
passage (for we are blessed in Christ with all spiritual blessings and those who do not love him are cursed – Ephesians 1:3; Matthew 12:21;1 Corinthians 16:22),

Are you blessed in Christ Jesus with all spiritual blessings or are you cursed? In other words, do you love Jesus or not? If we love him, we will keep his commands and people will know that we are his disciples.

Genesis 27: 28-29 (KJV)
28 Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:
29 Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.


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