One sin can hurt all

After the discovery of the deception of Isaac by Abimelech, the then king of Gerar, that Rebekah was not Isaac’s sister but his wife, Abimelech confronts him and questions as to why Isaac would lie like he did. Abimelech expresses that one of his men could have sinned by having slept with Rebekah, not realizing that she was his wife, and brought guilt upon them all. Abimelech then gave orders to all the people that should anyone harm Isaac or his wife, they will certainly be put to death.

From this account there are several things that we can learn the concept of one man’s sin (even out of ignorance) cold have brought guilt on all of them. The consequences (wages) of such a sin was fatal – punishable by death.

Points to ponder:
We must recognize that our sin may not only end up hurting us, but it can hurt others as well. Isaac’s lie could have brought about guilt on all of Abimelech’s people. One man’s sin i.e., Adam’s sin brought about guilt on all of mankind. The wages of sin is death but God’s gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord, (Romans 6:23) who paid the penalty for our sin. If we believe in him, we shall be saved from death. Just as one sin can hurt all, just this One Savior, Jesus Christ can save all. Do you believe?

Genesis 26:10-11 (KJV)
10 Then Abimelek said, “What is this you have done to us? One of the men might well have slept with your wife, and you would have brought guilt upon us.
11 So Abimelek gave orders to all the people: “Anyone who harms this man or his wife shall surely be put to death.”

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