When you are barren …

Genesis 25:19-21 records of the generations of Isaac, through his wife Rebekah, who was blessed to be the mother of millions by her family when she left them to join Isaac (Genesis 24:60). Except there was one problem – Rebekah was barren. So Isaac pleaded (intreated) to the Lord for his wife and the Lord heeded to his prayer and Rebekah conceived.

There are two vital lessons that we can learn from this account. First, when we are barren, we need to seek the Lord and pray / plead to him. Second, our prayers (requests) must be in line with God’s will. God’s will and blessing was to continue the line of Abraham, not through Ishmael, the son of a bondwoman (Hagar), but through Isaac, the son of the free woman (Sarah). If Rebekah had remained barren, God’s word would not come true (at least in a logical physical sense). God’s word always comes true and as Isaac prays to God, he was in essence praying for God’s will to come true, which is what happens.

Points to ponder:
Though we should be hard working, when we are barren, we need to seeking God first and plead to him to bless up. Work hard, but only after prayer. Seek God’s Kingdom first and all things shall be added unto us (Matthew 6:33), according to God’s permissive will and pleasure. In other words, seek God first and see him turn your barrenness into blessings. Second, when we pray, let us pray so that the Lord’s will is done in our lives and not just give him a wishlist of our own heart’s desires. Are you barren? (in life). If so, you know what to do. Tarry no further.

Genesis 25:19-21
19 And these are the generations of Isaac, Abraham’s son: Abraham begat Isaac:
20 And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padanaram, the sister to Laban the Syrian.
21 And Isaac intreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord was intreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived.

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