God Has Fixed This …

GodIsntFixingThisGodHasFixedThisThe December 3rd edition of the Daily News in its front page, headlined, “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS” in response to what they felt was a cowardly and platitude response to the San Bernardino massacre of 14 innocent lives by terrorists, calling to attention the tweets of “thoughts and prayers” of several politicians. The motif of the article was that it was not “God control” but “Gun control” that was needed.

First and foremost, I must admit that I cannot even imagine the hurt and grief that the loved ones of the victims left behind are going through and that any condolences, that me or my family offers, would be insufficient as a solace, to the grieving families. Having said that, we wish to say to the surviving victims of this hate and violence that you can be assured of our prayers. Second, I do agree that some action needs to be taken but I am not certain that “gun control” alone would fix this and I say that because, even before there were guns, violence has always been a problem, since the fall of man. Violence, especially violence that results in the death of others, is the byproduct of sin. We see that in the life of Cain, the first human murderer, who slew his brother Abel, being subdued by sin (Genesis 4:7) and Satan – the first murderer – from the beginning – (John 8:44). In fact, man choosing to follow the evil desires of his own heart, instead of following God led to his corruption and the corruption of the world, so much so, that the world was filled with violence, grieving the very heart of God, the Creator, who in his wrath brought justice by destroying the whole world, save Noah and his family, by a flood (Genesis 6:11-13). From this, we can see that the very fallen nature of man is what needs to be fixed for him or her to be a creature of peace and not of violence.

Points to ponder:
Some have argued that “God isn’t fixing this” while others have rebutted that it is not God’s to fix – but the fact of the matter is “God has fixed this”, when Jesus Christ was born, 2000+ years ago, for when he was born, the heavens opened and the angelic choir sang “Peace (the antidote to violence) on earth and good will to ALL men.” The question is whether you choose to believe in it or not. The very nature of man is what needs to be fixed and fixing (transformation of man within) is only possible when we totally surrender our will and our selfish desires to Jesus Christ, trusting and believing in him, and choosing to Love God totally and Love man as we love ourselves. God has fixed us – Are you fixed? Am I fixed?


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