Seeing Rainbows

The rainbow is the token of God’s covenant with mankind and all living creatures, promising that he would never again destroy the world with a flood (Genesis 9:12-17). In other words, the storm would always abate in due course of time, as God has promised.

Interestingly, the Bible records of three individuals who saw rainbows – the first, of course being Noah, the preacher of righteousness (1 Peter 2:5). The second is a prophet, prophet Ezekiel and the third is the proselyte, disciple John. Preacher, Prophet and Proselyte, all see the rainbow and what is even more interesting to note is the time when each of these people saw the rainbow.

Preacher Noah saw the rainbow after the storm (flood) – Genesis 9:12-17
Prophet Ezekiel saw the rainbow in the middle of the storm – Ezekiel 1:28
Proselyte John saw the rainbow before the storm – Revelation 4:3-5

Points to ponder:
As preacher, prophets and proselytes of and for God, we need to be sharing about God’s love and Jesus’ imminent return, when he would return to judge the world and rule over all and when he reigns, it will be peaceful for all storms would have stopped (Isaiah 11:6; Isaiah 32:18). No matter how stormy our lives may be now, we can be sure that the storm would stop and this is because of God’s promise. The question is are you seeing this promise of God, before, during or after the storm. In other words, are you seeing rainbows?

Genesis 9:12-14 (KJV)
12 And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:
13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.
14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
17 And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.

Ezekiel 1:28 (KJV)
28 As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake.

Revelation 4:3-5 (KJV)
And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.
And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.
And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.