God hates sin, not the sinner (God loved Cain)

Often in Christian circles, we hear the cliche, “Hate the sin, Love the sinner” or a variant of that, which is “God hates sin, not the sinner.” If you searched the Bible for a verse with these words, you would not find one, however, hidden in the Scripture is evidence that supports this meme – God does hate sin, not the sinner. Closer scrutiny of the Scripture reveals that this motif has been in effect since the beginning of time, since Genesis, since Adam and Eve, since Cain and Abel.

Since God hated sin (disobedience) and not Adam & Eve (the sinner); and so Adam & Eve were banished instead of facing the judgment of God, which meant death. (Genesis 3)
Since God hated sin (unacceptable offerings) and not Cain (the sinner); God gives Cain a chance – an opportunity to do what is right (well) and assures him that if Cain did not allow sin to rule over him, God would accept him as well (Genesis 4:7)

In other words, when God asks Cain, “If thou doest well, shalt not thou be accepted?”, what God was expressing is that even though Cain’s sinful (partial) offering was not acceptable, Cain was.

Points to ponder:
Because God hates sin, (and) not the sinner, while we were still sinners, God demonstrated his love for us by sending forth his Only begotten Son, to die for us (John 3:16; Romans 5:8). Even if we have lived a life of sin which was unacceptable to the Lord, irrespective of the gravity of our sin, he gives each one of us, a chance – an opportunity to not let sin rule over us, an opportunity to let Jesus rule over us by walking in his Spirit (Romans 8:1). In other words, though God may not have accepted our life offering in the past, we are not outside his reach … He will accept all who do well – all who believe in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:6), who walk not according to the flesh (Romans 8:1). To do well is to believe in Jesus and walk according to his Spirit.

I take solace in the fact, that I, a vile sinner, have a chance, because Got hates sin, and not me, and accepts me for I believe in his Son and know him (John 3:16; John 17:3). God hates sin, not you! Do you believe?

Genesis 4:7 (KJV)
If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

Romans 5:8 (KJV)
But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 8:1 (KJV)
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


2 thoughts on “God hates sin, not the sinner (God loved Cain)

  1. Brother Paul, you said that the cliche, “Love the sinner and Hate the sin” could not be found as a verse in the Bible and I thought of Jude 1:23, New Living Translation. Close enough, would you agree? I find your blog inspiring. Keep up the Good work!
    Your sister in Christ.

    • Sister Denise. In the article, I meant “ad verbatim”, but I do concur with you for Jude 1:23 is close to the motif of loving the sinner and hating the sin. Thank you for sharing and your kind words informing that the blog is inspiring. It is not to me, but to God be all the glory, who inspires each one of us. I am merely his mouthpiece while on earth. God bless you and yours. Your brother in Christ Jesus – Mano Paul.

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