Every Missionary’s M.O or Motto

Hidden in the very first book of the Bible, is what I would refer to as every missionary’s modus operandi (mode of operation/m.o). This we can learn from the life of Joseph, but those who know the story of Joseph, would find it hard to consider Joseph to be a missionary. So was Joseph a missionary?

A missionary is one who is on a mission; God’s mission. Unfortunately, though many of us, as missionaries start out with focus on God’s mission, over time we tend to forget that it is God’s mission that we are on and not our very own. All those who have been reconciled unto God, by believing in His Son, Jesus Christ (born again) have been ordained the mission of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18). Our mission in other words, is to proclaim the good news of eternal peace found in none other than God’s son, Jesus Christ. The mission that is ordained unto us is for the  Salvation of souls that are destined to die by being eternally separated from God the Father. In this regard, Joseph is a missionary; a missionary that was sent in advance to be used by God as the proclaimer of impending doom and the voice of Salvation (Peace) for the Egyptians (gentiles) as well as his kin (jews).

And he had an M.O! What was Joseph’s M.O? When Pharaoh summoned Joseph to interpret the dream, Joseph’s reputation as the interpreter of dreams preceded him, but Joseph took no pleasure in self praise or glory. Instead Joseph responded to Pharaoh, saying, that he could not do what Pharaoh asked him to, but God could (Genesis 41:16). Joseph’s m.o. was “I can’t but God can” and this should be every missionary’s m.o. or motto.

Points to ponder:
When you and I are on God’s mission, as ministers in his kingdom, let us always remember and remind ourselves by saying “I can’t but God can“. Let this be our M.O. Let this be our motto.

Genesis 41:16 (GOD’S WORD Translation)
16 Joseph answered Pharaoh, “I can’t, but God can give Pharaoh the answer that he needs.” 


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