Lessons from the 3 Hebrew men :: The accused are NOT guilty

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the 3 Hebrew boys who chose to defy an earthly king were accused by some Chaldeans that they did not serve the king, nor bow down (worship) to the image that the king had set up. Upon interrogation by the king, they were found guilty of not following the king’s edict and sentenced to a fiery death. Though cursorily it may seem that the accusation that the 3 Hebrew boys were charged with, was that they disobeyed a king, in reality, the accusation that they were charged with was that they obeyed, worshiped and served Yahweh, the Only King that mattered. And while they were found guilty by men, they were found NOT guilty by God who miraculously intervened and saved them from certain  impending death.

Point(s) to ponder:
What are you and I being accused of?
Is it that we serve, worship and obey the Only King of kings, Jesus Christ, who lives forever?

One thought on “Lessons from the 3 Hebrew men :: The accused are NOT guilty

  1. The world today is looking for men and women who are going to stand for the truth even if the heavens fails down, just like the 3 Hebrew boys.

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