Brother Jesus

It is only a few days since we celebrated Resurrection Day 2010, and I wonder as to why we don’t celebrate the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, every day of our lives. Jesus conquered death once and for all, for all those who believe in His Name and that is reason enough for everyone that believes in Him to rejoice always, and yes again I say rejoice (Philippians 4:4). And it is today that I also celebrate the birth of my brother, Ragland Remo Paul. He was named ‘Ragland’ by my missionary parents, Dr. R.A.C. Paul and Dr. Iris Grace Rajakumari Paul, in memory of the English missionary, Rev. Thomas G. Ragland (1815-1858), who gave his life serving Jesus on his mission to the people in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. My brother’s middle nameĀ  ‘Remo’ was given by a lady of the Bondo tribe, to whom my parents had been called and chosen to serve. ‘Remo’ in the Bondo dialect means ‘man’. So ‘Remo’, my brother celebrates his birthday and I thank God for having appointed it so that I would be related to him, who I vividly remember as my friend and protector, while I was growing up, after the death of my earthly missionary father. My other siblings, David Livingston Paul and Mary Smrutha Paul would agree that Remo has also been a provider. But besides, Remo (and David), I want to also remember and celebrate another brother of mine.

John 20 records the appearance of Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ to the Mary Magdalene outside the tomb. Many expositors have preached on this, but I am yet to hear of anyone preach on the conversation that ensued between Mary and Jesus. Jesus tells Mary that she is not to cling on to him but to go to his brothers and tell them that he was to ascend to God, our Father and our God (John 20:17). Did you notice the establishment of a new relationship in those words? Jesus escalates his intimacy with His believers. In John 15:15, he called his disciples, not servants but friends, and now from being friends of His, these disciples had turned to be his brothers (and sisters). Who is it that is the brother (or sister or mother) of Christ Jesus? All those who do the will of God, the heavenly Father (Matthew 12:50).

So today, I thank God for my brother Remo, and his life. And I thank God for Jesus who loves me enough to call me His brother! Happy birthday, brother Remo. Thank you, Brother Jesus.

Point(s) to ponder:
Are you/I doing the will of God the heavenly Father so that Jesus can call you/I His brother or sister or mother?