Presence and Present

The LORD God sought his priceless of creation, Adam and his wife in the cool of day, but they hid themselves from the PRESENCE OF THE LORD God due to fear that came as a result of their disbelief in God words, beguiled by the devil, that led them to disobey the LORD God (Genesis 3:8-13).

Driven from the presence of God, the gift that man could receive is to be able to once again enjoy the presence of His creator, the LORD God. This gift (present) that was given so that we return into the presence of the LORD God was given on a tree. On Christmas, we often look for the presents under the tree, and seldom do we see (Jesus Christ) THE PRESENT on the tree (Cross). Jesus’ crucifixion paid the wages of sin in full (no debt anymore) so that man no longer will need to hide from the PRESENCE of the LORD God.

What’s even more is that with the ascension of Jesus into the presence of LORD God after his resurrection from the dead, He sent us His Spirit to be with us so that GOD can be PRESENT IN US according to his promise, “I will be with you until the ends of the age” (Matthew 28:20). The Bible also records that Jesus Christ entered into heaven to appear in the PRESENCE OF GOD for us (Hebrews 9:24). Jesus is our proxy in Heaven, until the day of the Lord, in which we shall all be together.

So succinctly, it can be said that The presence of the Spirit of Jesus in you is THE PRESENT (gift) of God that brings eternal life, life forever in the PRESENCE OF THE LORD God (John 3:16).

Point(s) to Ponder:

  • Are you hiding from the presence of God because of unconfessed sin in your life? If so, let us confess now, for He is Faithful and just to cleanse us of ALL unrighteousness.
  • Do you know Jesus Christ, THE PRESENT (gift of God) on the Cross who has paid the wages for ALL of your sin, as your LORD and Savior? He is now our proxy in heaven!
    If you have not yet received Jesus, God’s PRESENT to you, I beseech you to believe in Him so that you will have no reason to hide anymore from the presence of God!
    If you have already received Jesus, God’s PRESENT to you, are you enjoying the PRESENCE of the LORD God or should the question really be “Is the LORD God enjoying your presence with Him?