Has John the Baptist arisen from the dead?

Matthew 14:1-2 is a backdrop of Herod coming to hear of the fame of Jesus, but what is more interesting is that Herod, mistakenly tells his servants, that Jesus is John the Baptist risen from the dead and therefore is able to perform mighty works.
Well, I dont mean to start any theological debates or counterpoints but felt the title would pique the reader to explore further. What I am really interested in gleaning is that, if Herod was to mistake Jesus (the Son of God, the purest of pure, the Holiest of Holies, the God everlasting, who was, who is, who ever will be …) to be John the Baptist, what does that tell us about the life that John the Baptist lived. He must have lived a life that emulated that of Jesus, one of humility (for John said, that God must increase and He must decrease), one of an uncompromising character with no qualms in being an unpopular person. In living and in his death, his witness was one that made him like Jesus (God). Jesus told of this man, that there has been no greater prophet, born of woman, than John the Baptist. What a testimony?

Point(s) to ponder:

  1. If someone was to examine our lives and compare it with that of Jesus, will they be able to tell the difference (or) should they be? Jesus said, Be ye perfect (Holy) as your Father (God) in Heaven is.
  2. What will Jesus be able to tell of us?