Let go and let God


When one suggests to “Let go and let God“, what immediately comes to mind is that it is easier said than done. We as mortal human beings have the tendency to be in control of the situation. Letting someone else have control over our lives or our circumstances is very foreign to many of us.

I can’t help but recount the story I once heard which goes something like this. A little boy had broken his toy and was unable to figure out how to fix it. He tried all afternoon to fix it but was not successful. When he father came home that evening, he expressed his sad feelings and asked if his father would fix his toy for him. He father happily agreed and sat down with the boy. Several hours passed but the toy was no where close to being fixed. Then the boy asked the obvious question, father, why cant you fix it, to which the father replied, I would help you Son, if only you ‘Let Go’ of the toy.

This is often how we treat our problems and situations with God. We ask him to help us by praying to Him and He is more than willing to help his children. But the situation does not get better or in some cases becomes worse. Then we murmur and blame and question God, failing many times to hear him say – “I would help you Son, if only you ‘Let Go‘”.

I remember traveling once to a client meeting and was perparing for the meeting. As we drove to the client site, I reached into my bag to take the preparatory notes for that meeting, but my hand landed on the Bible I carried in it. I felt urged to read it, but at the same time, I had to prepare for the meeting. My sense of guilt for not having read the Bible that morning, took the better of me and I found myself negotiating with God that it will be only one chapter that I would read today and it will be a quick read. Interestingly, God with his sense of humor made me turn to Psalm 119 (the longest Psalm in the Bible). So again God and  I were in a negotiation mode and it went something like this, it will be just one verse I can read and pointed my finger at a verse that I wanted God to show me. The verse that my finger landed was vs. 126 from Psalm 119. What happened next was I felt a peace in me and the need to rush through my communion time with God to prepare for my meeting no longer seemed to be a pressing issue. Prayer and meditation was where I spent the majority of my time for the rest the trip to the client site. I came out of my meeting with the largest contract our company had received.

Psalm 119:126 read – “It is time for thee, LORD (Jehovah) to work”

God had come through and worked, since it was His time to work.

Next time you feel urged to do it all by yourself, think twice and let go and let God. Don’t deprive Him of His time to work. You wont be displeased for sure.