Blessed Mother

The synopsis of the biography of Dr. R.A.C. Paul and Dr. Iris Paul from “Pioneering on the Pinda” reads
“The local tribal people called RAC Paul “Mister Tall” and Dr. Iris “The Fat Lady.” Iris’ father reluctantly arranged her marriage to Paul, the pioneer missionary plagued by ill health. Paul yearned to reach a murderous tribe with the love of Jesus. When Paul died, Iris determined to return. She now runs a full-scale development project. Paul and Iris, who did so much of their work on the pindas, or porches, of the village homes, represent the thousands of Indians working in isolated parts of India. Their commitment and creativity challenges us all.”

Today, my mother, better known to the world as Dr. Iris Paul, celebrated her birthday and while many know her as a medical missionary who with my father, Dr. RAC Paul sacrificially chose to serve their Savior, Jesus Christ and follow His Great commission (Matthew 28:19), relinquishing their worldly aspirations and potentials, I simply know her as my mother.

She was a disciplinarian while at the same time kind, when my siblings (Remo, David, Mary) and I were growing up. She was emotional and talked a lot (not my personal favorite characteristic about her). She loved her sibling brothers and sister a lot. She fed us even well into our middle school years. She was there when she could afford to but many times she wasnt because of her commitment to the call to serve Jesus and his people. She was extreme when it came to dating relationships and challenged anyone whom she thought would steal her children away.  She say ‘yes’ sometimes and ‘no’ a lot more. She expressed her love for us the best way she knew to. She was proud to share of the accomplishments of her children and always tried to put them in the limelight. She had her own personality, some of which I liked and the others that I didn’t. In short, she was A MOTHER and the fact remains that “She was and is and will always be MY MOTHER“.

And when the curtain calls, while her Savior (Jesus) will be able to say of her – “You did not love your children more than you did love me”, I will be able to say of her – “Thank you mother for not just being my mother, but a mother to many; many who had to experience Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior, their personal God and Father”

I can truly say (and I am sure my siblings will agree with me) that she epitomizes Proverbs 31:28. – Her children arise up, and call her Blessed”.
Blessed are you, mother!

Wish that you all have a mother so blessed as well and if you do, arise up and call her Blessed.