How far are we willing to go? Heaven or hell!

Well this question should really read, How far are we willing to go to bring those who don’t know Jesus to know Him? In other words, what are we willing to accept to bring others to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and be given eternal life. Heaven or hell.

But wait a minute, how can we go to hell to bring someone to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But that is not what the question really is. The question really is “what are we willing to pay?” so that others are saved from eternal judgment.

The prince of Egypt, Moses and the Apostle Paul were both willing to pay what it takes, even if it meant that their names had to be blotted out of the God’s list of names or be accursed a.k.a. go to hell.

Exodus 32:32 is the plea of Moses, seeking atonement of the sins of the people of Israel as he reasons with God, that his name be blotted out of the list of names (that will take him to Heaven) written by God, if God will not forgive the sins of his people, the Israelites. Moses was interceeding for his people.

Romans 9:3 records, Apostle Paul make a similar request. Paul wishes that he himself be accursed from Christ (and anyone not in Christ is indeed doomed to hell) for my brethren, my kinsmenĀ  …

Point(s) to ponder:

  1. Are we willing to interceed for our family, friends and all who dont know Jesus (including our enemies and those who have hurt us)?
  2. What are we willing to pay?
  3. How far are we willing to go? Heaven or hell !