Jesus wept because He cared!

The verse “Jesus wept” as recorded in John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible and while this is a favorite for many children for its brevity, in reality, speaks more volumes than other verses that are longer than this.

Many preachers have preached on this with various salient points such as 1. The humanity of Jesus. 2. The emotions of Jesus (he ate with the disciples, he slept and he also wept), 3. his value for friendship (Lazarus who had died for whom he wept was his friend).

I believe, that while all of these are individually or collectively true, Jesus wept because He cared. He cared for his friend and missed him, He cared for the relatives (sisters) of Lazarus.

So in other words, Jesus (my God) cares and is willing to cry for us. So if anyone is hurting, you can trust that there is a God who will weep for you.

Point(s) to Ponder –

My God cares, and so He weeps for us. How about yours?