I had no Father, but God

I had no Father But God When visiting the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, I took the picture of the cover of a book (seen here), that I thought was very profound. This is Jesus, saying, “I had no Father, but God”.

Interestingly, when Jesus is told that his brothers and mother were seeking to speak with him, he responds by asking a question. Who is my mother? and who are my brothers? further explaining that WHOEVER (can be you, me and anybody) does the will of God,  his Father in heaven, are his brother, his sister (although he never asked who is my sister) and his mother. This is recorded in Matthew 12:46-50.

Expositing on this makes us realize that we can be the brothers, sisters and mother of Jesus a.k.a. God’s son’s and daughters, when we do the will of God. But wait, there is more, more in this than that which was verbally expressed. Did you notice, Jesus never asked, who is my Father?

During the time of His baptism and His transfiguration, the Bible records, that a voice (of God) from Heaven was heard by men, affirming that “Jesus was God’s beloved Son”. In the scriptures, we see that Jesus claimed to be the be the Son of God, which he is.

The only right conclusion to this matter would be – I cant help but have to end this by asking – Who’s your daddy?