The Promise

The year began in Church where promise cards were given out after the Holy Communion was administered.

The Promise (for Sangeetha) – Deuteronomy  28:3 : Blessed shalt thou be in the city (where you live a.k.a. home), and blessed shalt thou be in the field (where you work)
The Promise (for Mano) – Isaiah 60:15 : I will make thee an eternal Excellency, a joy of generations.

It is now a matter of time when these promises will come true, because, we believe IT WILL. Since our God (Jesus) is not one who lies.

Not Mine, Not Mine, Not Mine …

LORD, a period  (year) has come and gone by
and as I reminisce, I ponder, Why
me, a mortal of the dust modified
even today, am as valuable as the apple of Your eye!

With the ebb and flow of life, I floated
and when events unveiled my way, with pride, I bloated
but when health and wealth not as I wanted unfolded, I viled
only to realize now, that in you, my providence was always control as you simply smiled

A broken and a contrite heart, You will not despise
and with that hope and promise, I now stand wise
never again to hurt Your heart, I pray
lest I run the race in vain and at the end be a castaway

Even when through the vale of death’s shadow and uncertainty, I tread
With You on my side, I have nothing to dread
Cause the panorama of my life, before my eye you spread
Let my life be like Yours, abundantly alive, not dead

Reach the Unreached, me an Ambassador’s task You gave
and oft in that edict, I waved
to show ‘tween the crosses (of repentance and rebellion), You on your Cross (of Redemption) bridged as ‘The Way’
and showcase You, the glorious light of ‘The Truth’, ‘The Life’, hidden in me, a jar of clay

Many a times, Lord, of Your expectations, I waned
and some mortals and You, You alone, O Lord, I pained
Yet every morning, like refreshing dew, Your mercies rained
and Faithfulness, GRACE and Salvation, I gained

Forgive me Lord, when at times, on the problems I gaze
and help me Lord, that from this moment on, it’s on Your promises, I daze
and let me not crawl, nor walk, but run the race
not by my might, nor by my power, but by Your Spirit, His pace

When the Lion roars, the beasts of the field stand still
Help me to know my place and Yours as Lord and be still
I beseech thee, O Lord, that You, me with thy Holy Spirit fill
and as the break of yet another period (year) dawns,
Not Mine (in thought), Not Mine (in word), Not Mine (in deed) Lord, be done, but Your will

LORD, a period (year) has come and gone by
and as I reminisce, I ponder, Why
me, a mortal of the dust modified
even today, am as valuable as the apple of Your eye!

From the Author’s/Poet’s Desk:
As we come to the end of another year looking forward to the next, this poem is  reflection of my family (Sangeetha, Reuben) and my life, in the past year and requisition of our hearts, that it not be Mine, not Mine, not Mine for the coming year. It is written with pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘me’ to make it personal to the reader. Words in parenthesis are not meant to be part of the poem, but for the readers understanding, it has been provided.  There are some sections of the poem that may need further explanation, and if you need any clarifications or have comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.